Access report

Welcome to our B & B and home Roraima house.

The house is at the top end of the village on Staithes Lane, a turn off the main Whitby / Saltburn road, the A174. We are 250 meters on the right hand side, the first three storey house.

Entry is via the front door, however we do have parking at the rear of the house, off Cliff Road for three guest cars. We will direct you to the parking and happily bring your cases through the house and bring them up to your room.

Entry via the gate 110cm (43in) wide and ascend two shallow steps of 13cm (5in) and 18cm (7in) high. Along a path 1.25cm (4ft) wide and 5 meters (16ft) long to two more shallow steps of 9cm (3.5in) and15cm (6in) high and into the tiled floor porch. This leads into the carpeted hallway.

The guest lounge and dining room is on the right hand side entered through a doorway 78cm (30in) wide, this room is fully carpeted.

Rooms 1 and 3 are on the first floor up a broad carpeted staircase of 21 steps 92cm (3ft) wide and rises of 16cm (6.5in) in height.

Room 1 is carpeted and entered through a doorway of 74cm (29in) wide. This has a King Size Four Poster bed 69cm (27in) high 152cm (5ft) wide and 202 cm (6.6ft) long. Entry into the en-suite is through a doorway 74cm (29in) wide. This room has a Vinyl floor covering and has a walk in shower, roll top bath, sink and W.C.

Room 3 is carpeted and entered through a doorway 74cm (29in) wide. This has a double bed 56 cm (23") high, 142cm (4ft 8in) wide and 200cm (6ft 6in) long.  Entry to the en-suite is through a doorway 66cm (26in) wide.  The bathroom floor is Vinyl covered and has a single step of 14cm (5.5in) leading to the walk-in shower, sink and W.C.

Rooms 6 and 7 are on the second floor and reached by carpeted return staircase of 20 steps 15cm (6in) high and 86cm (34in) wide. The doorway is 74cm (29in) wide onto a separate landing. This is of painted floorboard with rugs over.

Room 6 is a twin room, entered through a doorway of 71cm (28in) wide. The room is of stripped floorboards and rugs and has two single beds 56cm (23in) high, 92cm (3ft) width and 200cm (6.6ft) long.

Room 7's doorway is 71 cm (28in) wide and leads into a double room with stripped floorboards and rugs.  The double bed is 56cm (23in) high, 142cm (4ft 8in) wide and 200 cm (6ft 6in) long.

There is a lounge/ kitchen area mainly laid with carpet and a small area of painted floorboards, this is entered through doorway of 71cm (28in) width.

There is a separate bathroom; entrance is through a doorway 74cm (29in) wide.  The flooring is painted floorboards.  It has a full size bath, with shower over, a sink and W.C. 


SS Roraima